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Kyai Brajanala Bell Chimes several times, his voice not only filled Keben however sounded until Hinggil Siti and Ward Performance of Kraton Yogyakarta. While at Sri Manganti chanting in old Javanese which is heard being sung by a servant. A book of old, offerings, lanterns, and gamelan are splayed out in front of him. Some foreign tourists seemed solemn listening song macapat, occasionally they appear pressing the shutter to take pictures. Though not know the meaning of the song, I was sitting in the front row. Traditional Javanese song sound slowly mixes with the perfume of flowers and incense smoke, creating the atmosphere of a magic dreamy beachfront location. On the right side appears to be 4 people other Royal servants preparing to alternately nembang. Outside the Hall, the birds chirping with the boisterous while flying from the sapodilla tree that shoots a lot of growing in the complex of Yogyakarta Kingdom then stood over the grass.

Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate or now more commonly known as Kraton Yogyakarta is a center of Javanese culture living museum in Yogyakarta. Not just a place to live the King and his family, the Palace became the main direction of cultural development in Java, as well as the culture of the flame guard. In this place tourists can learn and see firsthand how Java culture kept alive and preserved. Sultan Palace built by Prince Mangkubumi in 1755, a few months after the signing of the Treaty of Giyanti. Banyan Woods was chosen as the site of the Palace because the ground is flanked of two rivers that are considered good and protected from possible flooding. Even though it was hundreds of years old and were damaged by the massive earthquake in 1867, the building of the Kraton stood firmly and well maintained.

Visit Kraton Yogyakarta will provide valuable experience and impressive. The Palace became the Centre of an imaginary line menghubungakn Parangtritis Beach and Mount Merapi has 2 counters come in, the first in Tepas Soldiering (front square North) and in Tourism Tepas (Regol Keben). If the sign of the tourists then Soldiering Tepas can only enter the Exhibition Halls and Siti Hinggil as well as see some of the collection of the Palace while the train if the incoming Tourism Tepas then you can enter the Complex and Sri Manganti Kedhaton where there are Wards So that became the main Royal kingdoms. The distance between the first and second counters is not far enough down the road, the Rotowijayan walk or ride tricycles.

There are many things that can be seen in the Kraton Yogyakarta, starting from the activity of Royal servants who are doing their job or see the collection goods of the Kingdom. The collection is stored in a glass box in a variety of rooms ranging from ceramics and glassware, weapons, photographs and miniature replicas, to the various types of deorama and the process of making batik. In addition, tourists can also enjoy performances with different schedules each day. The performances range from the puppet, macapat, golek, wayang kulit, and dancing. To enjoy the performances of Arts travelers do not have to pay additional charges. If you come on a Tuesday wage, you can see the jemparingan or Kemandhungan Style style in archery. Jemparingan is implemented in order to linger dalem Sri Sultan HB X. jemparingan this is the uniqueness of each participant must wear traditional Javanese and archery with a sitting position.

After enjoying the show gained, I went round the palace complex and into the Museum which was inaugurated by Sri Sultan HB X in 2005. This museum's collection is quite diverse ranging from batik to batik equipment from the HB to HB X VIII. Furthermore in the museum also stored some number of gifts from the collections of batik in Yogyakarta and other areas. While enjoying the museum collections, My view is fixed on one of the old wells, built by Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII. At the top of the well had been closed using the aluminium gauze inscriptions forbidding visitors put money. Curious with the intent of the sentence I approached and looked into the well at the bottom of the well, it turns out there is a coin and paper money are scattered.

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