Taman Sari Tourism Object In Yogyakarta

Period after the Giyanti Treaty, Prince Mangkubumi build the Palace as the seat of Government of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat. Prince Mangkubumi later became Sultan hamengkubuwono I built a Royal Palace in the middle of an imaginary axis that extends between Mount Merapi and Parangtritis beach. The reference point for the construction of the Palace was a umbul (spring water). To honor the service of the Sultan's wives because it had helped during the war, he commanded the Demak Tegis a Portuguese architect and Regent Madison as a foreman on building a Palace in umbul located 500 metres south of the Palace. The Palace is surrounded by segaran (artificial lake) with the fragrances of the flowers that are deliberately grown on artificial islands surrounding it now known as Taman Sari water Castle. "From the top spot, the stage is an ordinary witness Sultan dances down there. The buildings next to it is the musicians and amidst the usual established stage where the dancers showed their mastery and flexibility, "Frank a guide when YogYES entered the Sari. From the stage Gate, the guide brings the YogYES got into areas that once were only allowed to the Sultan and his family, bathing pool water Castle. Splash water directly addressed. The clear water is combined with the creamy stout walls that smother them. Bathing pool in this area is divided into three namely Umbul Kawitan (the pond for the sons and daughters of the King), Umbul Pamuncar (pool for the consort), and there is a Panguras (pool for King). A stoneware of the Sultan's wives reflect intact standing when we got into the tower where the Sultan. Ornaments that decorate the pot give the impression of glamour against objects which are located next to the Sultan's wardrobe. Imaginable, 200 years ago a beautiful woman waiting for water in this pot to calm then he bowed his head, fixing her makeup and bun, embellish her body while you reflect. Besides the stoneware and private rooms in the Tower of the Sultan, consisting of three floors there are stairs of teak wood is intact well maintained so as to give the impression of antique to anyone who sees it. Up to the top level, the reflection of the Sun from the pool beneath it and the entire past, clearly visible. Sultan may also enjoy the view from up here, views of the water castle that is still complete with artificial lakes and flowers are fragrant. After enjoying the view from the top of the Tower, the guide brings the Great Gate leading to YogYES, places the arrival of the usual keshik piloted the Sultan and his family. The dominant arch with floral ornaments and the wings of the birds is the entrance for the family of the Sultan who was about to enter the water Castle. The building just south of Taman Sari become the next destination. Before the war, the Sultan would have meditated in this place. A quiet space and silence are directly felt when we got in. Here, the King must surely think of various ways of negotiation and war strategy so that the Royal family's sovereignty remains secure. This area has also become a place of storage of weapons, Armors, and Purgatory Kris-Kris antiquity. Solders deployed soldiers practicing the sword. We got split up with the guide in front of the Great Gate. However, this does not mean that travel has stopped because there are still some places that should be visited like the Sumur Gumuling and Kenongo Building. To get to the venue, you have to pass through Tajug, a tunnel connecting the past with the Palace and the Pulo Kenongo. A wide underground passage is indeed just in case when the Palace in a State of precarious. The space lots of hidden secrets in this place. Out of Tajug, you will see traces of Pulo Kenongo formerly overgrown flowers which boost the Taman Sari water Castle. We got to Sumur Gumuling, underground mosque worship the King and family. Two-level buildings designed have a good acoustic side. Thus, in ancient times, when the priest them prayer, imam's voice can be heard well into all directions. Now, however, it can still be keenly felt. Voice conversations from people who are far away from us feels like they are on our side. In addition, to get to the center of the mosque, again had to pass through the dark alleys. Arriving at the central mosque in the form of a square-shaped with 5 steps around it, the Majesty of the felt. When menengadahkan head look the blue sky. The sound of birds heard from settlements in the area of Taman Sari increasingly add to the serene atmosphere.

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